Getting to Italy


Passports  – Make color copies of your passport photo page and signature page. Keep them in a secure place away from your passport in the event your passport is stolen. It will make it easier to get it replaced at a consulate or embassy.


Cell phone – Your stateside cell plan probably has an international travel pass/add-on plan that costs about $10 per day. That can be pricey and they limit your data. But, if your phone is unlocked you can get a SIM card from TIM, WindTre , or for about $20 – $30. I think is the best deal. It has 30GB of data and 600 minutes. If you think you will need more than 30GB of data, go with the WindTre plan. You can buy it and other plans (options with more data) at local phone shops, large train stations, and malls. Your phone will need to be unlocked if you have TMOBILE or AT&T. If it’s paid off, there is an online unlocking tool on ATTs website. I’m not sure what you have to do for TMOBILE. For most Verizon phones, they are unlocked already. You just take out your SIM and pop in the Italian one. (keep a paperclip with you) If you are planning on renting a car, you are GOING to need google maps or apple maps. We use Google maps when walking through cities. So, you will want to have a data plan that’s not going to cost $10 per day. 

WiFi – Just like in the US, hotels and AirBnBs will have WiFi. The bullet trains have WiFi, but we have found it to be hit and miss on the trains. Some cafes and restaurants will have it, but you won’t find it at every restaurant like you do in the US. I think it’s because cellphone plans are so inexpensive. Interestingly, a lot of public beaches, malls, and tourist spots do have free wifi.